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“Where’s Mum this week, Dad?” “South America…”

Where do you go if you have a passion for travel, textile design, embroidery and weaving? Well, if you’re my mother, the answer is naturally Peru. Though she founded Balmain & Balmain over 30 years ago with my father, my mother Sarah has now reached the point where she also lists “international globetrotter” on her […]

Made for Chelsea (or the kitchen table…)

When a new event is kickstarted in our world, it’s always exciting, particularly when that event features some of our favourite textile designers and manufacturers. The new London Interiors Show, held earlier this week in the Chelsea Harbour Hotel, felt like the start of something fresh, and we were thrilled to be a part of […]

Starting a new interiors project? Begin at the beginning…

Starting a design project from scratch is tough. You can scroll through Pinterest and Instagram and flip the pages of interiors magazines until you’re dizzy, but getting a handle on where to begin is always the hardest thing. My brother, who helps me on the marketing side of things at Balmain & Balmain, is a […]